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We can offer septic system inspections, either as part of ongoing maintenance or as a one-off service.

You may choose to have an inspection if you’re selling your home, so you can show prospective buyers that the septic system is in good order. Or you might want to have a view of it in a property you’re considering buying – in either case, we can help with a real estate inspection. Give us a call to find out more.

How often should I have my septic system inspected?

Homeowners should have inspected it every 1-3 years at a minimum. It’ll need to be done more often in larger households, or with an older system, to check for damage and to assess if pumping is needed. Even if it is not causing any problems at the moment, you’ll need to have it inspected to make sure there are no nasty surprises.

It is always more difficult, disruptive and expensive to have to make emergency repairs than it is to schedule regular inspections and identify potential problems and risks before they cause damage. Get in touch today if you need an inspection.

Real estate inspections

You can rely on our great team here to make sure your septic system is in good working order. One useful service we provide is real estate inspections to ensure it in any property you’re considering buying is in a good condition.

We can inspect the system in its entirety for you, and offer advice on any necessary maintenance or repairs. Head on over to the contact page of this website to get a free no obligation quote.

What if I don’t know where the septic tank is?

If you’re new to property and don’t know where it is located, we can help with advice and ideas about how to find it. The best solution is to find the original plans of the home, or else talk to a previous owner to find out if they can locate the tank for you. In newer homes, this should not be an issue as more recent tanks have visible markers above the surface to make them easier to find.

In an older home, you can use a metal detector to try to find the tank, or use a metal rod to probe different areas and check for the top of the tank. Let us know when you contact us if you’re not sure where it is located.

Our Septic System Inspections service

We offer a full range of specialist septic system inspections for real estate purchases, and as part of your regular maintenance program. Inspections of many parts of the septic system can only be carried out by a professional.

We have the experience and the equipment to do a full inspection without causing you any disruption, so you will know there is nothing to worry about.

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