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There are certain steps you can take to look after your septic system and make sure the danger of faults and failure is limited. Make sure you don’t put anything into it which might cause blockages, make regular visual checks to make sure there is no obvious damage to the system, and have a maintenance check by a professional on a regular basis.

A professional can check the pump and system for worn or damaged parts, and make sure that the entire cesspool and septic system is in good health.

How do I look after my septic system?

We can offer advice on protecting your septic system to make sure everything keeps on working well. Never put solids like diapers, fats or grease, oil, paint or chemicals. Keep your drainage field free from vehicles, and don’t build or dig nearby in case of damage to the field.

Water conservation can also help you protect it for the long term. Get all the advice you need, and a free no obligation quote for any maintenance needed, using the online option on our website contact page, or just give us a call.

Regular maintenance to the septic system and pump

As well as protecting it with proper usage, you can take steps to make sure your equipment is in good working order through annual inspections visits.

The specific tasks needed will depend on the design of your system, but will include checking for worn or damaged parts, checking electrical components, and making sure that the pump alarm is in good working order. This is all you need, to set your mind at rest and make sure that it will continue to serve your home and family.

Maintenance needed after pump failure and power outages

If you have an extended power outage of over 6 hours, or your pump fails and you’re not able to use it for a while, you might need some more specific maintenance checks to make sure your septic system is in working order, and your drain field doesn’t become overwhelmed. This is because the waste will accumulate in the chamber even if the pump is not working. Once it is switched back on, it will start to pump the waste at a high volume, which might cause a problem.

Call us if you’re worried about your septic system following a power outage or pump failure.

Our Septic System Maintenance service

A regular maintenance schedule is the best way to protect it and extend its life as long as possible. Every year or so you should have the system inspected to make sure everything is in good working order, and to carry out regular maintenance.

We would be delighted to give you a regular maintenance schedule which is tailored to your home and your specific septic system. Our reliable team is waiting for your call!

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